Press Release: Tim McGraw and Sandy Hook Promise

For Immediate Release:


CCDL Reaction to Tim McGraw’s Anti-Gun Concert  

 The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (The state’s largest grass-roots gun rights group) has issued the following statement on a benefit fundraiser to be headlined by popular country music star Tim McGraw:

Statement from CCDL President Scott Wilson:

“We have watched and followed this story closely over the last several days to gauge the reaction of Tim McGraw’s fan base, and the fans of country music in general. I sincerely believe that Tim was not aware that the organization known as ‘Sandy Hook Promise’ actually operates with a completely anti-2nd amendment agenda. SHP (as they are known) has cheered on every piece of legislation in this state (and at the federal level) intended to curtail or eradicate our rights as law abiding Americans.”

“Mr. McGraw has now been brought up to speed on what this anti-gun organization which masquerades as something else is all about, but  apparently he is doubling down by going forward with this event. In spite of Tim’s claims that he is about protecting children and family, the organization he is supporting would leave families defenseless with their zeal. It’s hard to believe it, but apparently Tim McGraw has gone Hollywood Country.”
Wilson thanks the nation for their support:

“Connecticut has had a very tough couple of years with the aftermath of Sandy Hook. Innocent children were murdered here, and we all felt it.  The blame however was placed squarely on the shoulders of gun owners. Laws were passed that crippled our rights, and new laws are waiting to be passed that will hurt us even more.”

“I am very humbled by the outcry I have seen from country music fans from all over that are outraged a superstar like Tim McGraw would align himself with an organization like SHP. Country music is one of the last bastions of entertainment where people express patriotism and aren’t afraid to admit that they are proud gun owning Americans.  Connecticut gun owners, and our organization ‘Connecticut Citizens Defense League’ thanks everyone from all over this great country for supporting the 2nd Amendment.”


Special Thank You:

“We also wish to send a special thank you to country artist Billy Currington for stepping aside from this event, and for recognizing those behind it for exactly what they are.”


About the CCDL:

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League was formed in 2009 by a small group of concerned citizens as a non-partisan organization to advocate second amendment rights in the state of Connecticut. Since their founding, the group has grown to nearly 18,000 members across the state.

Thanks to this large supportive base across the state the CCDL has become a fixture of the capitol, and well-recognized by committees that see firearms related bills.

As the go-to organization in the state they are consulted regularly by lawmakers who have questions and concerns about pending legislation or existing laws. For more information on the CCDL please visit