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  1. Jeffery,
    The CT legislature tried to pass a similar bill last year.
    With 200+ CCDL members showing up to testify against this, we were able to defeat it before it even got out of committee!

    For reasons like this, CCDL was formed!

    Lenny Benedetto
    VP of CCDL, Inc.

  2. You can sign yourself up by going to the blog at https://blog.ccdl.us/ and then scolling down the right side of the page. You will now see a section “Subscribe to Blog via Email”. Just fill out your email address and press the subscribe button. You will then get an email with a link to confirm you want to subscribe. Click that and you should be all set.

  3. Hello, Does any one have a list of Legal Pre Ban Rifles that are not named under the new laws. As I read the new law if the Rifle is named and pre ban then it is not legal.
    I really wish we can get some down to earth information on this after all this time.

  4. Is there any information about how many rapes or other assaults occur in our state parks each year? This might help to get the ‘carry in the state parks’ bill passed.

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