About that 50% Ammunition Tax

With regards to Connecticut legislative proposals that affect gun rights in one way or another, there has been a lot of focus over the emergence of HB5700 (AN ACT INCREASING THE RATE OF THE SALES AND USE TAXES ON AMMUNITION).

The introduction of this proposal is a direct slap in the face to law-abiding gun owners that live by the laws of our society and who simply want to shoot for sport, hunt or maintain firearms and proper training for self-defense purposes.

  • HB5700 will make it hard for people already struggling in our economy to own and train properly
  • HB5700 would be taxing at an unfair rate
  • HB5700 would be on par with consideration towards a sin tax
  • Guns and ammo are ALREADY subject to an additional 11% tax besides the CT sales tax
  • A 50% AMMO TAX is a 100% SPITE TAX!

Make no mistake, HB5700 is being presented to you by anti-gun politicians that are making claims that your constitutionally affirmed 2nd Amendment right is somehow a PUBLIC HEALTH THREAT!

Watch Out for the Distraction

Given that this bill has caught the attention of numerous media outlets across the country, it is the duty of CCDL to point out:

  • In the past, bills that typically gain the outrage of gun owners such as HB5700 are often used to distract from other pieces of legislation that will also potentially harm gun owners.
  • Right now, the bill has been referred to the Joint Committee on Finance, Revenue and Bonding. It has not yet moved out of committee.
  • The bill has only one co-sponsor at this point.
  • Currently there are over 70 other firearms related bills that have been introduced in the 2019 legislative session. Some of these bills are good, some are very bad. The good ones will have a harder time succeeding given the current political climate in Connecticut.
  • A number of these bills have gained more traction than the “Ammo Tax Bill”. This is key for gun owners to understand:
    Among other things, there are a multitude of bills that would penalize law-abiding gun owners for how you store your firearms, for how you carry firearms, for where you carry your firearms and numerous ways to prohibit more individuals from carrying or owning firearms altogether. Do not focus on one bill and ignore all the others.

The complete list of bills that CCDL is tracking (including hunting bills) can be found here.

As bills move from committee to committee, we will continue to monitor and inform members throughout this legislative session.

We are asking our members to monitor their emails, our website and social media for current updates.

12 thoughts on “About that 50% Ammunition Tax

  1. Call to arms…Each law abiding firearm owner needs to call or write their constituents, and make it be known that we rightfully disagree with this proposed bill, and we find it unconstitutional. More importantly to leave our 2nd amendment right alone!

  2. Are we preparing to challenge these in court especially the ammo bill? And if we afre, can we partner with the NRA, NSSF and others?

  3. gary

    You have to ask yourself if socialism works, when people own firearms.
    Then you have to ask yourself, why are democrats so intent on taking firearms from legal gun owners.

  4. Time to move out of Connecticut and let these scumbag democrats burn it to the ground, tolls are on the way

  5. Time for gun owners to organize… time for the CCDL, Ct Gun Guild, all shooting clubs, dealers and collector organizations to join forces. If we could get 10,000 CT gun owners to each contribute $100 we could raise a million $ to use to hire legal counsel to start fighting back at CT. Face it, we can no longer sit back and do next to nothing. We cannot rely on the NRA as they have written CT off. We cannot reverse all the damage, but if we pick our battles we might have a chance at not only stopping the anti-2nd cancer but letting CT know we are an organized force to be reconed with.

  6. This can’t pass without the Democrats and Republicans. It will cause folks to go out of state to purchase ammo….I am not blaming Democrats b/c we have a horrible Republican – POTUS. It’s another way of CT taxing folks and another reason to add to leaving CT.

  7. I truly believe it is time for the gloves to come off and put our legislators on notice when we have these Gun Hearings.
    I believe they know with guidance from Everytown, Bloomberg ,CAGV and other anti gun groups they know exactly what they are doing when they come out with these anti gun bills.

    I am in no way advocating threats or bodily harm but being tactful and honest but putting them on notice they this will not be tolerated sends a clear message!!.
    I also believe we should call them on their agenda we know exactly what that is too…a clear path to total ban and confiscation of all guns!!

    The testimony of Dan Bidondi at a RI gun hearing is great.. Maybe he could have been less repetitive but I think it sent a strong message.

    You can see his testimony on You Tube if you have not seen it before.

    They( the anti gun and the radical left) do not care what the 2A means to us, they do not care about having personal protection, they do not care if someone breaks into your home and the cops are 20 mins to an hr away.They do not care on any logical reason why you need a gun….END RESULT IS THEY WANT THEM BANNED!!

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