Today’s Judiciary Committee Meeting Includes Gun Bills

The Judiciary Committee is meeting today at 1:00pm.
Here is their agenda: 2019ca-00201-R001300JUD-ca(pdf)

On their agenda are several raised bills and concepts that are of interest or concern to CCDL and our members. Among other things, the Committee will be discussing so-called “ghost guns”, safe gun storage laws, “show your papers” laws, carry in state parks, and transfer of so-called assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

If you want to watch the meeting, it will be streaming online at CT-N.

Note: There are many topics on the agenda. Expect the gun related stuff to be interspersed with everything else.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Judiciary Committee Meeting Includes Gun Bills

  1. “Show your papers” LOL 4th amendment (and what if you are a felon, they cannot make you at all due to 5th amendment).

    Transfer of long guns? LOL These people are not smart. They have no clue about how guns are sold and whatnot.

    High capacity mags LOL…kid in Columbine that killed the most used 10 rd mags and swapped them out with rds still in the mags.

    Gun storage laws ? They are really retarded on this one..SCOTUS already said no to this in Heller II

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