Campaign for your Rights Workshop – Guilford, CT

Gun control groups are marching on. They are using anti-gun politicians to infringe on our rights. The only way to stop attacks on the 2nd Amendment is to help Pro2A candidates win in 2018. While most gun owners wish to be left alone, the anti-gun crowd will not cease in their efforts.

CCDL members are invited to participate in this FREE workshop to gain the necessary knowledge to become active in fighting the anti-gun machine.

Where: Guilford Sportsmen’s Association501 Hart Road, Guilford, CT  06437
When: Saturday, June 23th from 11:00am until 1:00pm

  • Basics of Campaign Strategies
  • Importance of Your Involvement
  • What Gun Control Groups and sympathizers are doing
  • Examples of Effective Victories from Our Side
  • Q&A

2A candidates need our help!

One of the biggest concerns many legislators have is who will be there to help them win re-election if they vote with us. Too often we hear about how gun-grabbing politicians have people working on their campaigns. If we are going to stop this, like it or not we need to become more political than we have been in the past. While we have a positive track record on some campaigns, we will need more successes.

Please join us in helping the Pro2A movement win in 2018. RSVP today (Name and Town) via email to or phone: 240-320-7075
Help good candidates win this year.

7 thoughts on “Campaign for your Rights Workshop – Guilford, CT

  1. Gun owners need to work together to counter the gun grabbers before we reach a point where only the police and military will be allowed any gun.

  2. A workshop in how to make your own guns would be more useful I think. And to press your local towns to announce that they are gun sanctuaries ~ like many in other states are doing.

    Get candidates on tape saying if they pledge to support making your town a gun sanctuary or not. Anyone can do this with a video camera or new fangled phone.

    How many candidates for local office support their town being a gun sanctuary? Can CCDL provide this information ~ have they started this process of gathering this information?

    • Trusting some politicians is just like trusting a member of the mob. The only difference between a politician and a “made man” is that only the politicians have the jails and rarely do you hear of a politician being put behind bars. (Hillary comes to mind). The mob simply murders those who don’t dance to the accepted tune– if you catch my drift.

  3. If I still lived in Connecticut I would love to attend this seminar. From my home in northern Maine it’s over an eight hour drive each way. (I timed it three different trips and three different routes). Being retired I don’t have enough to get an overnight motel. Contrary to popular belief, not all state employees receive a Rolls Royce retirement package. I still have a few health problems that I hope the country docs can help me with. Up here in northern Maine, the majority is pro gun. The southern half of Maine is just like Connecticut. Gun Grabbers have been trying to get more gun control laws passed. Thankfully, our Republican Governor is our Guard Dog for the 2nd Amendment. Governor and law maker elections is fast approaching. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Those of us in northern Maine would greatly appreciate any suggestions or recommendations. I just turned 74. Still working with local medicals to get my health back. Connecticut air pollution almost sent me to the grave. (No Joke– advice of my Connecticut Doctor sent me to northern Maine.)

    Thank you for your help and best of luck to all of you.

      • Chris: I just signed up on Facebook and am waiting for approval. Thank you for the recommendation. I still want to keep informed on what’s going on in my old home state. Gun Grabbers may try the same B.S. here in Maine. Thank you.

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