Press Release – Proposed Bump Stock Ban

For Immediate Release:

(Groton, CT) – The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (The state’s largest gun rights organization) issues the following statement in response to Governor Malloy’s 2018 bumpstock initiative.

Statement from CCDL President Scott Wilson:

“Lame duck Governor Malloy is not surprisingly going back to the well of gun control yet again, perhaps to distract from his poor approval ratings. It is key that the public be aware the legislation proposed today is simply feel good in nature. The devices in question that Malloy seeks to ban are not needed to replicate the rapid rate of fire. This effect can be easily accomplished by the use of a belt loop, a rubber band, or even just by holding a firearm a certain way. Moreover, the devices themselves can be easily made in a typical basement shop using everyday materials.”

“Connecticut already has a very punitive ban on the same types of firearms that were used in the Las Vegas mass murder, as well as a magazine capacity limitation to 10 rounds or less. This fact already renders devices such as bumpstocks mostly ineffective.”

“While these devices are not commonly owned by the vast majority of legal gun owners, we need to see the language of any bill that comes out to see if there are other ways legal gun owners might be impacted.”


About the CCDL: The Connecticut Citizens Defense League was formed in 2009 by a small group of concerned citizens as a non-partisan organization to advocate second amendment rights in the state of Connecticut. Since their founding, the group has grown to over 30,000 members from across the state.

Thanks to this large supportive base, the CCDL has become a fixture at the state capitol, and well-recognized by committees that see firearms related bills.

As the go-to organization in the state they are consulted regularly by lawmakers who have questions and concerns about pending legislation or existing laws. For more information on the CCDL please visit:

6 thoughts on “Press Release – Proposed Bump Stock Ban

  1. Connecticut is now number 3 in the US for people moving out.
    Is there any wonder Malloy wants to divert to the gun issue again?

    Same holds true for DeLauro, Blumenthaul and Murhpy.

  2. “Can you smell that Gov. Malloy?……’s your latest policy proposal”. This is just another attempt on the part of Connecticut’s government bureaucracy to TRAMPLE our 2nd amendment rights! Nothing but another “Feel good/sounds effective” piece of legislation, so the occupants in the Capitol building can do the “self-congratulatory houkie-pookie” before election time!

  3. I’am an avid gun owner and injoy the sport.ccdl sounds great but I havn’t seen a thing even through your rallies at the capital.It’s nice to show the support,but this state will stop at nothing to remove those black evil rifles.Now bump stocks and binary triggers like I have please.Nothing is going to stop this democratic state we live in,must we all have to leave the state or can these people be stopped. U can have any federal law but it dosn’t mean anything in this state of ct.I see all kinds of CCDL stickers on automobiles is that really smart telling a person that can follow to where u live so they can steal your firearms NO .I don’t even put a NRA sticker on my truck,or open carry if u want I think keeping them guessing is the best thing.I don’t mean to go off on your organization everything helps,but I just don’t know what k and be done to stop these idiot in our state.

  4. Bump stocks, by user option, may operate as a regular stock or bump stock. Nothing about the Vegas shooting has shown that the stock were set to act as bump stocks. Matters not to politicians of course. Facts? Don’t need ’em, don’t want to see ’em is their motto.

  5. Bump stocks are an equalizer, they allow the “less privledged “ to compete in sub gun matches, (a very popular competitive shooting sport) and while not nearly as accurate as semi auto they do allow some level of enjoyment in competing against M16s without a $19,000 price tag. Of course if you pay the govt. the $250 they’ll let you go spend $19k and then it’s all OK as long as the govt gets its money they’re happy.

    Well once again the little guy found a way to compete (legally) without spending the big bucks, and had the slide fire legally passed by the BATF,( the slide fire comes with a certificate from the BATF saying it is perfectly legal.)

    People go out spend their hard earned money and now D ANAL Malloy decides in his infinite wisdom that the BATF is incorrect, and he could care less about you’re hard earned money, he’s banning it anyway. No grandfathering in of past Owners.

    Sadly he gets away with it, because he bought the votes he needs in the city’s through government handouts with YOUR money so he doesn’t need YOUR vote and it’s paid for by (you guessed it) YOUR TAXES. In his latest reelection he lost almost all the towns and only won the big city’s.

    The CT liberal government has us beat.

    Its Kind of like methanol has poison added to it, so you can’t drink the alcohol untaxed,they’d rather you die than get away without paying an alcohol Well same thing pay a tax and spend 19k And it’s all OK.

    So if you want to get rid of the blumenthal, Murphy’s, and Malloy’s of the world you have to concentrate on reforming the city votes. The towns and suburbs are not enough.
    Today it’s slide fires, tomorrow you can bet your donkey it’ll be hunting rifles, scopes, handguns lasers whatever they decide they want next. There is no end to their incremental picking away of the 2nd amendment, they want it all and they will never stop til they have it. Then it’ll be your motorcycle, your hot rod whatever bothers them next you’ll be riding in an autonomous vehicle that is electrically powered going 30 mph with seat belt and a air bag and you’ll have to like it.

    BTW- Wouldn’t hurt if the NRA did a little something in this state for a change too. Instead of their non exsistent approach they used in blumenthal and Malloy’s re-election campaigns. NRA + CT = useless.

    • I believe u pretty well covered it all brother.These burocrats need to find the answers to real problems like how to get this state out of debt ,bumpstocks aren’t the answer or any other firearm accessory.People need to be more educated about firearms it’s a great sport when these tools are used properly. U noticed I said tool,it’s when bad decisions behind these tools that people take notice of.I NEVER SEEN A GUN KILL A PERSON.It’s a piece of metal and has no brain.All should not be blamed for sick or criminal use.

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