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This Tuesday, February 14th, the Appropriations Committee will hold a state agency budget presentation with the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP). The meeting is scheduled for 1:00pm in room 2C of the Legislative Office Building (LOB) in Hartford. Most likely questions about the proposed permit fee hikes will be asked of DESPP Commissioner Dora Schriro at this time.

The meeting is open to the public, and CCDL is asking members to attend. We need to show legislators that gun owners are outraged at Governor Malloy’s budget proposal to raise pistol permit application and permit fees so only the rich will be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. We’re asking members to wear their CCDL shirts and hats to the meeting to show the legislators we’re paying attention.

Oral testimony is not required at this particular hearing, but members are still encouraged to submit written testimony. This hearing is related to the appropriations of the general funds, but it’s key to show the state that CCDL members are staying vigilant.

The afternoon part of this meeting will start at 1:00 P.M., and DESPP is scheduled to be the second speaker. This will be followed by a Public Budget Hearing at 4:30 P.M.

Please email written testimony in Word or PDF format to
The Committee requests that testimony be limited to matters related to the items on the agenda. All public hearing testimony, written and spoken, is public information. The Committee encourages witnesses to submit a written statement and to condense oral testimony to a summary of that statement.

We’ve included some sample testimony you can use. Sample Letter

The Legislative Office Building is located at 300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford.


Driving Directions

Entry to the LOB for Members of the Public (PDF)

A Guide for Testifying at Hearings

Frequently Asked Questions

5 thoughts on “Public Hearing Alert

  1. Nice that they hold these public hearings when the working class is all working and can’t attend!!!!!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!


    Senator Osten, Representative Walker, Senator Formica, Representative Ziobron, and members of the Appropriations Committee; thank you for the opportunity to submit this written testimony.

    I’m alarmed at Governor Malloy’s attack on Connecticut residents who have or choose to get a pistol permit.

    This proposed rate hike of over 400% is nothing short of a push to limit permit holders to the wealthy. I urge that you OPPOSE Section 48 (T1854) and Section 58 (T1938) of H.B. 7027 that would support the Governor’s proposed pistol permit rate increase. By appropriating the funds received from the rate increases you will be supporting the pistol permit and application fee increases.

    If passed this would mean an over 850% fee increase for pistol permit holders over the last five years. Currently, the cost of Connecticut pistol permits is already triple the national average.

    I urge that you do not support any more attacks on the law-abiding gun owners of this state.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  3. why is it that the honest citizen get punished. why not do it for drives lic. that way all the people get the same.

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