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Our 2nd Amendment and 4th Amendment rights are once again being threatened here in Connecticut. The Connecticut General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee is considering raising a bill again to declare ‘open season’ on those who lawfully carry firearms. They want to allow police to stop, detain and demand permit holders to identify themselves even if all they are doing is legally carrying a firearm.

This bill (should it become actual law) will force carry permit holders to produce their permits on demand if a police officer simply sees you carrying a firearm. They want to eliminate the current law which requires a police officer to have reasonable suspicion of a crime before they can stop a permit holder and investigate.

We are asking CCDL members to contact these key members of the Judiciary Committee and request that they do not to raise this bill. This proposed law eliminates current protections against undo potential harassment.

Most police officers simply wish to investigate legitimately suspicious activity, and not harass someone who is merely carrying a firearm and minding their own business. Law enforcement officers should not be allowed to stop and frisk law-abiding citizens who are not suspected of criminal activity.

Important Note:
Police right now currently do have every right to ask individuals to produce and show a carry permit. They simply do not have the authority to demand it without someone acting in a suspicious manner. This is a very important distinction that protects your 4th amendment rights.

Please send an email tonight, and ask these legislators to OPPOSE H.B.6200
Ask them to not allow police to stop and detain lawful residents without probable cause.

Sen. Doyle, Co-Chair (prefers mail form emails)

Rep. Tong, Co-Chair

Sen. Kissel, Co-Chair

Sen. Winfield, Vice Chair (prefers mail form emails)

Sen. McLachlan, Vice Chair

Rep. Stafstrom, Vice Chair

Rep. Rebimbas, Ranking Member

Rep. Simmons

Rep. Fox

If you need suggestions on what to write, we’ve got some sample letters you can use for ideas. Click here: Sample Letters

If you have any questions, contact CCDL’s Legislative Coordinator:
Ray Bevis
Phone 860-800-2235

2 thoughts on “CCDL ACTION ALERT! Antigun Bill

  1. Although I agree with writing and phoning representatives, and ASKING them to oppose, I encourage all to tactfully and respectfully DEMAND that these representatives represent the Constitution.

    You ask, shouldn’t they represent the people???? Yes, of course…..unless you are a democracy and majority rules, which Connecticut seems to be…..if they represent majority rules, we can see how popular opinion can change laws and destroy liberty. The pied piper of propaganda has been very successful in Connecticut.

    Shouldn’t a representative and any politician represent the Constitution of its state and its nation???

    If they did, then 2nd and 4th amendments would not be in danger.

    I remember all too well, the post Sandy hoax rallies, letters and calls to the traitors Malloy, Murphy, Blumenthal, etc. “Asking” them to not institute a gun registration, and ban on so called “assault rifles”

    All this had no effect on their agenda to pass more draconian, liberty destroying laws, which they wooed the liberal sheeple with their Nazi like propaganda.

    I encourage all to return to the God of our heritage and pray that folks will wake up and see the grave danger that we are in and will only continue to be in unless something is changed in the way society views the Bill Of Rights.

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