About that 50% Ammunition Tax

With regards to Connecticut legislative proposals that affect gun rights in one way or another, there has been a lot of focus over the emergence of HB5700 (AN ACT INCREASING THE RATE OF THE SALES AND USE TAXES ON AMMUNITION).

The introduction of this proposal is a direct slap in the face to law-abiding gun owners that live by the laws of our society and who simply want to shoot for sport, hunt or maintain firearms and proper training for self-defense purposes.

  • HB5700 will make it hard for people already struggling in our economy to own and train properly
  • HB5700 would be taxing at an unfair rate
  • HB5700 would be on par with consideration towards a sin tax
  • Guns and ammo are ALREADY subject to an additional 11% tax besides the CT sales tax
  • A 50% AMMO TAX is a 100% SPITE TAX!

Make no mistake, HB5700 is being presented to you by anti-gun politicians that are making claims that your constitutionally affirmed 2nd Amendment right is somehow a PUBLIC HEALTH THREAT!

Watch Out for the Distraction

Given that this bill has caught the attention of numerous media outlets across the country, it is the duty of CCDL to point out:

  • In the past, bills that typically gain the outrage of gun owners such as HB5700 are often used to distract from other pieces of legislation that will also potentially harm gun owners.
  • Right now, the bill has been referred to the Joint Committee on Finance, Revenue and Bonding. It has not yet moved out of committee.
  • The bill has only one co-sponsor at this point.
  • Currently there are over 70 other firearms related bills that have been introduced in the 2019 legislative session. Some of these bills are good, some are very bad. The good ones will have a harder time succeeding given the current political climate in Connecticut.
  • A number of these bills have gained more traction than the “Ammo Tax Bill”. This is key for gun owners to understand:
    Among other things, there are a multitude of bills that would penalize law-abiding gun owners for how you store your firearms, for how you carry firearms, for where you carry your firearms and numerous ways to prohibit more individuals from carrying or owning firearms altogether. Do not focus on one bill and ignore all the others.

The complete list of bills that CCDL is tracking (including hunting bills) can be found here.

As bills move from committee to committee, we will continue to monitor and inform members throughout this legislative session.

We are asking our members to monitor their emails, our website and social media for current updates.

Breaking News: CCDL Enjoins Amicus Brief in Support of Right to Carry Petition in New Jersey

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League has joined with multiple law enforcement associations and other state-wide gun rights organizations to present legal arguments on behalf of lawful gun owners.

Together we have filed an amicus brief in support of the petition for certiorari filed with the Supreme Court in Rogers v. Grewal, No. 18-824.  This case challenges the extremely restrictive “discretionary” carry permit system in New Jersey, which basically does not recognize any right by ordinary citizens to obtain a carry permit.  Instead, an individual must show “justifiable need,” which is defined to mean (in addition to other criteria) that the applicant must “specify in detail the urgent necessity for self-protection, as evidenced by specific threats or previous attacks which demonstrate a special danger to the applicant’s life that cannot be avoided by means other than by issuance of a permit to carry a handgun.”

The application is to be supported by documentation of the threats or attacks in the form of police reports.  The New Jersey courts have held that “generalized fears for personal safety are inadequate.

The current case, challenging the New Jersey statutes on Second Amendment grounds, was filed after there had previously been a Third Circuit case upholding those statutes.  Accordingly, the federal District Court cited the Third Circuit case, and denied relief.  At the Third Circuit, the plaintiffs themselves asked the Third Circuit to summarily affirm, thereby saving time and setting the case up to take to the Supreme Court by way of certiorari as soon as possible.

The brief argues points that have been made in the past in right-to-carry cases, such as the total ineffectiveness of restrictive permitting systems in reducing crime, and the fact that concealed carry permit holders nationwide, even in far less restrictive “shall-issue” states, tend to be remarkably law-abiding.

We believe the brief should help convince the court that this is an important case, and worth considering for granting certiorari.

The full amicus curiae brief may be viewed here:
18-824 Amicus Brief of Law Enforcement Groups et al. (pdf)

The chances of getting some meaningful Court action on important issues—such as the fundamental question in this case, whether there is a Second Amendment right to carry outside the home—are probably the best in many years.

As 2nd Amendment advocates, we must recognize the impact that federal actions in other states could ultimately have on Connecticut.

Scott Wilson
President – CCDL Inc.

Today’s Judiciary Committee Meeting Includes Gun Bills

The Judiciary Committee is meeting today at 1:00pm.
Here is their agenda: 2019ca-00201-R001300JUD-ca(pdf)

On their agenda are several raised bills and concepts that are of interest or concern to CCDL and our members. Among other things, the Committee will be discussing so-called “ghost guns”, safe gun storage laws, “show your papers” laws, carry in state parks, and transfer of so-called assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

If you want to watch the meeting, it will be streaming online at CT-N.

Note: There are many topics on the agenda. Expect the gun related stuff to be interspersed with everything else.

Pending Legislation for 2019

The legislative session for 2019 is now well underway here in Connecticut, and we’re seeing a plethora of gun-related proposed bills; both progun and anti. The important thing to remember is, at this stage the legislators are basically throwing everything they can think of out there, just to see what might stick. Many proposed bills never go any further than this stage. In other words, it’s a little too soon to be fist pumping over an exceptionally good sounding bill, or to be breaking out the torches and pitchforks over an extremely bad sounding one.

That’s not to say CCDL isn’t already carefully following every single proposed bill. We are.

We’re currently tracking over 40 different proposed bills, and that number grows almost daily. Yes, we already know about the ammo tax one, and the one gun a month one, and all the others, good and bad. We’re already working with legislators on many of them.

Make sure you’re following CCDL’s blog, Facebook page, and Twitter for updates on any proposed bills that advance. Often there is very little advance notice when the time comes to call or email your legislators, or testify (in person or via email) at a public hearing. And of course, CCDL members will also get an email.

You’ll always find a list of ALL the bills CCDL is tracking for this session at: blog.ccdl.us/2019-legislation/

Or you can always click the “Pending Legislation” button on our website:

Or on our blog:

A Look Back At 2018

It’s the last day of 2018. As we prepare to ring in the new year, we’ve compiled a little list of some of CCDL’s activities during this past last year.


Membership Meeting January 9th

CCDL Joined with 20 other law enforcement and gun rights orgs on an amicus brief for Duncan v Becerra

A press statement was made regarding bumpstock proposals

CCDL conducted 2 legislative workshops in January

CCDL Executive Meeting held in New Britain


Membership Meeting February 13th

7 gun bills were introduced for the 2018 legislative session

CCDL 9th Anniversary Dinner was held on February 10th

A press statement was made regarding Parkland High School murders

CCDL gearing up 2A support for numerous political campaigns

CCDL conducted 2 Legislative Workshops

CCDL Executive Meeting held in New Britain


Membership Meeting CANCELLED

CCDL attended and presented material for a public hearing on March 23rd at the Legislative Office building on March 23rd

CCDL met with key legislators on the Judiciary Committee to address gun legislation

Action Alert was sent out on March 30th for CCDL members to contact the Judiciary Committee

Executive Meeting was held in New Britain


Membership Meeting April 10th

CCDL sponsored and hosted a Pro 2A rally at the State Capitol

A press statement was made for the planned rally at the Capitol

Action Alert was sent out regarding 3 gun bills on April 17th

Executive Meeting was held in New Britain


Membership Meeting May 8th

Action Alert was sent to CCDL members regarding bumpstock bill

Legislative Session ended May 9th

Executive meeting was held in New Britain


Membership Meeting June 12th

CCDL membership statement regarding Governor Malloy’s claims about CCDL

Campaign Workshop Hosted by CCDL June 9th

Campaign Workshop Hosted by CCDL June 23rd


Membership Meeting July 10th

A press statement regarding Brett Kavanaugh nomination for SCOTUS

CCDL President participated in White House conference calls regarding Kavanaugh nomination

Executive Meeting was held in New Britain


Membership Meeting August 14th CANCELLED

Legislative Shooting event hosted by Niantic Sportsman’s Club, conducted by CCDL August 5th

Campaign Workshop hosted by CCDL August 10th

CCDL Family Picnic August 25th

Campaign Workshop hosted by Melissa Ziobron Supported by CCDL


Membership Meeting September 11th

6th Annual CCDL 2nd Amendment Poker Run September 15th


Membership Meeting October 9th

CCDL Pop up Volunteer Day hosted by Melissa Ziobron

FOIA filed with City of Bridgeport


Membership Meeting November 13th

Food Drive – While CCDL collects food donations year-round, our members were especially generous during the holidays. All donations go to local churches and shelters to help feed those less fortunate than ourselves.

A press statement was made in response to a “safe storage” gun bill proposal


Membership Meeting December 11th

CCDL met with key legislators at the Legislative Office Building to discuss several likely bills for the 2019 Legislative session

Aside from these events, CCDL took part in numerous other public appearances and events. These included the CT Hunting and Fishing Show, Super Sunday, and Middletown Motorcycle Mania. Other things were also done in a more discreet manner to achieve a higher likelihood of success in combating gun control schemes.

In retrospect, 2018 has been a tough year for law-abiding gun owners in Connecticut. Specifically, the statewide elections saw some tough losses for endorsed candidates.

Moving into the new year, we strongly encourage CCDL members to help us during the upcoming legislative session. Learn how to help at the next Monthly Meeting on January 8th in Middletown CT.

CCDL wishes to thank all our volunteers and attendees that have continued to help the organization grow even further this past year!

Also, please join us on February 23rd for our 10th Anniversary Dinner


CCDL Statement On Today’s CAGV Press Conference In Hartford

For Immediate Release:

(Groton, CT) The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (the state’s largest grass-roots gun rights group) offers the following statement in response to today’s press conference over the death of Guilford teenager Ethan Song.

CCDL President Scott Wilson Stated:
“We would first like to extend our heartfelt sympathies to the parents of Ethan Song. As an organization that understands the importance of gun safety, we feel that along with securing firearms there should be an effort by all parents to make sure that their children understand that firearms can be deadly if handled improperly.”

“There are tremendous programs out there that teach firearm safety to children of all ages; often at little or no cost. Along with the securing of firearms in a responsible manner, proper firearms education is imperative to the safety of children. Even if parents don’t own firearms themselves, children should still be taught what to do if they encounter a firearm without parental supervision.”

“We thank Ethan’s father for acknowledging that there may be times that gun owners may also need to gain access to their firearms immediately to stop home invasions or protect loved ones.”

Scott Wilson,
Connecticut Citizens Defense League

Last Day To Register To Vote Online

Crucial Election Information

The November 6th election is an important one for gun owners, especially here in Connecticut. It is imperative that CCDL members and supporters vote for pro2A candidates in this election.

The anti-gun groups in our state have endorsed Ned Lamont for Governor. If he wins, we will have four more years of non-stop gun control. If you disliked Governor Malloy, you’re going to hate Governor Lamont.

This is some of what to expect from a Lamont administration:

  • Harsher requirements and penalties surrounding “safe storage” requirements
  • Elimination of “Open Carry”, which means you could be arrested just for printing or having your shirt ride up while carrying concealed
  • Continued support for existing unconstitutional gun laws
  • Continued under-funding or even outright elimination of the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners
  • Continued looking the other way while numerous municipalities violate state statutes regarding new permits
  • Continued support of any and all anti-gun proposals that make it out of legislative committee
  • Bypassing legislators and implementing executive orders that will negatively impact legal gun owners

CCDL endorsed candidates such as Bob Stefanowski for governor will respect the Constitution, and the rights of lawful gun owners.
But first they must win on November 6th.
If you are not yet registered to vote, there is still time, but you MUST hurry. The deadline for voter registration is TODAY, October 30th.

Voter registration is simple, and can be done online. Just go to the following link and follow the directions  https://voterregistration.ct.gov

If you are not sure if you are registered or not, you may check here:

You may also register in person with the registrar of voters in your town or city. Offices are usually located in your town hall, and will be open from 9am until 8pm TODAY,  October 30th to accommodate last minute registrations.

Please be sure to register to vote
Please vote on election day
Please be sure to remind like-minded people to vote
Please help our endorsed candidates between now, and election day

This may be our last chance to save our gun rights in Connecticut

New Gun Ban in Bridgeport?

Yesterday, Bridgeport mayor (and convicted felon and failed Gubernatorial candidate) Joe Ganim signed some sort of city ordinance supposedly banning 3-D printed weapons and so-called “ghost guns” in Bridgeport. You can see the press conference in the video below, courtesy of DoingItLocal.com.

I say “supposedly”, because CCDL has not been allowed to see the actual text of the ordinance. CCDL President Scott Wilson requested a copy of it for review, and was told he needed to file a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request and pay a fee.


This is a city ordinance that may subject gun owners to fines or arrest. People who are carefully following all applicable state and federal laws may be committing a crime if they step foot in the largest city in Connecticut, and those people are not allowed to actually SEE the law in advance? I guess Bridgeport is taking a cue from Nancy Pelosi – you have to be arrested or fined for breaking the law before you can know what’s in the law.

So here is the request CCDL made:


I am asking for a copy of the “Ghost Gun” ordinance that was reportedly signed yesterday, and has been reported in several news outlets. I cannot find it available anywhere.

Please attach a copy of the text and/or a copy of the signed document.

Best Regards,
Scott Wilson

And here is the response from Mayor Ganim’s office:

Mr. Wilson,

The easiest way for you to get a copy is to go to the City website at bridgeportct.gov, select the FOI portal and submit a request. Should you have any questions, please contact me.


Edward M. Adams
Senior Mayoral Advisor
Dir. of Gov. Accountability & Integrity
City of Bridgeport
999 Broad Street
Brideport, CT 06604
Telephone 203-576-7201

So, we have filed the FOIA, and will attempt to get our members a copy of the new ordinance via other faster means.

Dear President Scott Wilson

The City of Bridgeport has received your request as of: October 11, 2018. We are reviewing your request and will contact you in writing when the requested information is available. Your request has been given the reference number [redacted] for tracking purposes.

Please note that pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, this City is not required to answer questions; the City is required to provide copies of all non-exempt documents.

Also, please be aware there are statutorily authorized costs associated with responding to your request, as set forth in C.G.S. Section 1-212 and if the anticipated fee for the document(s) you requested is greater than ten dollars, the City will require a deposit of the estimated copying cost prior to copying.

Very truly yours,


Stay tuned!

We Need YOU To Help 2A Candidates

Old Saybrook ‘Pop-up Volunteer day’

CCDL members in or near the 33rd Senate District, your help is needed. Anti-gun candidates are trying to gain as many seats as possible in the November elections. State Representative Melissa Ziobron is running for the 33rd Senate seat. Melissa Ziobron has a proven history of defending our Second Amendment rights and was CCDL Legislator of the Year in 2017.

Melissa’s opponent has spent $90,000 on television ads attacking Rep. Ziobron and labeling her as anti-woman. Her opponent has also stated he would have voted yes on a bill that seizes firearms, ammunition and permits without due process.

CCDL will be holding two “Pop-up Phone Banks” at Melissa Ziobron’s campaign headquarters located at 105 Elm Street, Old Saybrook. This is in the Old Saybrook Shopping Center (on the same side as Stop and Shop).

Please join other CCDL members on Saturday, October 13, 2018 so that Melissa can remain in Hartford to fight for the rights of legal gun owners.

First Pop-up Phone Bank Session:          1:00PM to 3:00PM

Second Pop-up Phone Bank Session:     3:00PM to 5:00PM

We need as many volunteers from CCDL as possible to join us and participate in one or both of these phone banks.

Trainers and staff will be on hand to provide instruction and a brief training session at the start of each phone bank.
If you’re able to attend please RSVP by October 10th to Ray Bevis at legislative@ccdl.us

Also, please consider emailing Melissa’s campaign for other volunteer opportunities at: contact@melissaziobron.com or visit her website at melissaziobron.com

Southington ‘Pop-up Volunteer day’

Date:                Sunday, October 21, 2018
Time:               10AM-2PM
Location:          Southington Republican Headquarters
25 Center St, Southington, CT 06489

Anti-gun lawmakers are already calling for more gun control for next year. We must make sure candidates that will defend our rights get elected in November. Please attend this CCDL ‘pop-up volunteer day’ to help elect the following CCDL endorsed candidates:

Rob Sampson (CCDL Legislator of the year and NRA Defender of Freedom award recipient) – Candidate for State Senate 16th District
John Fusco – State Representative 81st District
Gale Mastrofrancesco – Candidate for State Representative 80st District
Steve Balishiski  – Candidate for State Representative 30th District

Questions please contact Ray Bevis legislative@CCDL.us
More details at the CCDL meeting this coming Tuesday

Other steps CCDL members can do to help get Pro Second Amendment candidates elected:

Get a lawn sign – Contact a pro 2A campaign and ask for a lawn sign. Once you receive your lawn sign take a picture of yourself with the sign and share it on social media. Show your family and friends what candidate has your support. Find other Pro Second Amendment candidates on the CCDL Blog.

Letters to the editor – Campaigns need supporters in their district to submit letters. Candidates have letters available. If you are willing to submit a letter. Please contact the campaign directly. Or draft your own using the CCDL’s letter writing guide.

Register to vote – Make sure you and all your like-minded/Pro2A family and friends are registered to vote. You can register to vote at your local town hall or online.

Pro 2A candidates need our help now to defeat the gun-grabbers in November.

CCDL Poker Run – September 15th

On Saturday September 15, 2018 CCDL will be hosting our 6th consecutive poker run!

Starting Location: Central Connecticut Arms – 130 Marlborough Street Portland, CT
Ending Location: Doody’s Totoket Inn – 465 Foxon Road, North Branford, CT.

We are planning a HUGE party and we will be rocking with the band Wastin’ Bullets which is one of Connecticut’s best honky tonk/country bands. Both motorcycles and cars are welcome to participate in the run, and EVERYONE is welcome to attend the after-party whether you ride or not.

Registration is from 9:30 – 10:30am at Central Connecticut Arms. The cost is $25 per rider or driver and $20 per passenger. The cost includes the after-party. When you register you will be given directions to the various locations.

At each location you will pick a playing card from a deck. You can expect to drive between 50 and 70 miles total, and it will finish at Doody’s Totoket Inn. Prizes will be awarded at the end for the top five poker hands.

If you just want to attend the party and not participate in the poker run, admission will be $20 per person payable at the door. Admission includes food and entertainment. Drinks are extra. The party should be starting around 11am or so. Bring some extra cash, there will be raffles too!

We’ll have special 2018 CCDL Poker Run shirts for sale at both the start and the finish. Quantities are limited, when they are gone, that’s it.

All net proceeds go to fight for our 2nd Amendment rights.

Sponsors include: By Carrier Custom Home Builders, 3B Lawn Care, A Great Start Shooting School, Bikers Against Animal CrueltyBranford Gun ClubC&D Arms SupplyCentral Connecticut Arms, Connecticut Cruise News, Connecticut Firearms and Tactical, Connecticut Sporting Arms, Delta Arsenal, Guilford Sportsmen’s Association,  Haymond LawHoffman Gun Center & Indoor Range,  New Haven Sportsman’s Club, Newington Gun ExchangeSacred Art Tattoo Shop,  TC Facility Services, The Gun StoreThe Powerwash GuysTru Ink GallerySmith and Wesson


For more info: please email: merchandise@ccdl.us.

Each year’s ride has been one of the larger poker runs in the state! Let’s make it an even greater success this year!


Come join us in support of our Second Amendment Rights!